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So, I decided to try something new since it’s been kind of a slow start on the App Store this morning………

The App Store has been flooded with these “choose your own adventure” style tween games for the past year or so. I even see commercials for them on TV all the time during kids shows. I know we’re a site dedicated to indies, but I was curious. These games are at the top of the charts all the time. So, I figured I’d check at least one out to see what all the fuss is about.

Well…….turns out the game sucks! I don’t like bashing other people’s work, but honestly, the game barely lets you make any choices and some choices are hidden behind IAPs! It turns out that there is also a subscription fee behind the game. It’s honestly just another way to con kids out of more money. You can only make certain (boring) choices for free. The exciting choices cost gems.

I guess this could actually have been an “Honest Review“.

Anyway, this was a bad idea all together. Hearing my disappointment in the video is probably worth a watch though!

@hashtagNOEN (indie af)