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(Coffee & Swiping is a news-y/blogg-y article about the mobile gaming industry and everything in between. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Gooooooood flipping morning/afternoon/evening SNAPP Family!! It’s been a little while since I’ve chatted with everyone. I’m sure you all are feeling kind of lonely by now without the soothing words of Noen vibrating all through your body.

Anyway, I’m going through the news in the mobile industry and there really hasn’t been a ton going on. One thing I did notice was that mobile publishers, Gamevil and Com2us have merged their U.S. offices to form, Gamevil Com2us USA. Not much new there though. Both companies merged their offices in Germany last year.

The other thing is of course was Mario Kart Tour being announced for mobile. This came by Twitter on January 31st and really didn’t give much information besides that development would be finished around the end of March. Of course, there are tons of speculation and drama involved. I’m not a huge fan of Nintendo’s first party titles. They are all usually fairly decent, but predictable. As for Mario Kart Tour, I’ll be excited if it’s a Mario Kart game with full control. It’ll be a bummer if it ends up being something like Angry Birds GO or something.

Luckily it was a slow week for news last week because I honestly was just looking for an excuse to tell everyone that SNAPPZILLA 2.0 is now live!! Woot!! *one drunk person clapping in the background* If you didn’t notice, the website was in Maintenance Mode all weekend. James and I have been working on and planning this since the end of last year. We loved the old website, but it needed a new facelift. The new website should be a lot easier to navigate and it has a lot more options for us to mess around with. Plus, it looks so much cleaner. We will still be tweaking things throughout the week. A lot of the older articles need to be manually updated, so there’s a lot of little things to do, but you shouldn’t notice anything on your end.

Of course, SNAPPZILLA 2.0 isn’t all just looks. We plan on adding a lot of new content this year. I’ve already changed up the SNAPP Roundup (I even added themes today!), added the weekly SNAPP 5 on Fridays, and recently [SNAPPshot] articles/videos. So, a lot has changed within the past month or so!

There’s still a lot more planned. Next up will most likely be the addition of Android games. This has been a big request from a lot of readers. There’s a lot of cool games on the other side of the fence that are getting overlooked just like iOS. So, it’s our job to bring those game to the forefront just like we have with iOS. Nintendo Switch games are also on the horizon. It’s mainly all about time right now. There’s only so much we can do running a 2-man team. We’d LOVE to have some volunteer SNAPP Family reviews if anyone is interested!!

That’s about it for my rambling this week. I just hope everyone enjoys the new look and feel of the site. It’s been a lot of work, but a labor of love. We appreciate all the support from everyone out there and hope to keep doing this as long as we can. Remember, ANY support is greatly appreciated!

Have a great week everyone and remember to keep on swiping…………

@hashtagNOEN (hip, slick, and all the ladies love my cologne)