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In case you didn’t know. The sequel to the smash indie hit, PAKO released on the App Store today and you’ll never guess what it’s called………Nope! It’s called PAKO 2!!

The original PAKO was an excellent car chase simulator with TONS of replay value. Well, the guys over at TreeMen Games didn’t disappoint this time around. Everything in PAKO 2 is bigger, badder, and better than its predecessor.

Ive only scratched the surface of this game so far, but I can easily say that it’s a must-have for anyone that’s a fan of the original or a fan of racing/chasing games. At $1.99 USD, PAKO 2 is a steal! (Get it?? Cuz it’s a car chasing game? You know. Cops & Robbers and robbers like to “steal”)

As always, you can find PAKO 2 and the rest of today’s releases in this week’s SNAPP Roundup.

@hashtagNOEN (the ultimate pun writer)