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One thing for sure is that the App Store is definitely not short of puzzle games. So, it takes a lot for a puzzle game to stick out. Well, last week a game released by the name of Stack & Crack (by Jambav Games).

Stack & Crack is a minimalist puzzle game about four “Boxies” and their interesting interrelationships. Your goal is to guide all the Boxies to a portal of light that is set up somewhere on the screen. There are over 100 hand crafted levels that’ll have you flipping, jumping, ant a lot more!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game so far. The first few levels had me thinking I was some sort of puzzle prodigy, but I was brought back down to earth once I got past level 15 or so. Things definitely can get tricky in the later levels.

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Stack & Crack
Price: $0.99+

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