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So, our friends over at Nitrome released a new game earlier today! This one is called Slime Pizza and is developed by the team at Neutronized. Neutronized are actually the ones that brought us Super Cat Tales/Bros, and the more recent, Drop Wizard Tower.

In Slime Pizza, you play as a pizza delivery boy whose ship has just crashed and he has lost all of his deliveries (pizza). Your job is to get back as much pizza as you can.

Im going to be honest. I originally thought that this game was just going to be another 3-star platformer. We’ve had a ton of those lately, so I really wasn’t that excited. But, Slime Pizza actually surprised me. It’s got a cool little story to it and the fling controls work great! The whole overall theme and visuals of the game are really cute too.

Make sure to pick this game up this week. Slime Pizza is a hell of a lot of fun and definitely worth your time.

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