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Well, we had yet another crop of new games get dropped on us last night. One of them was Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle by Blue Wizard Digital.

Friday the 13th is pretty much a spinoff of Blue Wizard’s last game, Slayaway Camp. It’s actually really good so far! It’s probably not the best game to do commentary on, but what the hell. I need to get back into the groove regardless. Just a heads-up that it’s a fairly quiet and boring video. That’s kind of why I cut it short. (FYI, let me know if my levels need to be adjusted. If I need to turn my mic/gameplay up or down. I feel like my mic is too loud for some reason.)

Anyway, you can pick up this game and a ton of others in this week’s SNAPP Roundup.

@hashtagNOEN (keeping things awkward)