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(Coffee & Swiping is a news-y/blogg-y article about the mobile game industry and everything in between. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

I’m feeling a little chatty this morning. Looks like you guys are stuck having coffee with me……..

So, what’s been new with everyone? (You know, because you have the ability to respond and all.) Everyone have a good holiday? *sips coffee and awkwardly stares*

Alright. I guess I’ll do the talking….

I know it’s been pretty lackluster the past couple weeks, but it usually is around this time in the industry. January always seems to drag on for me. (February isn’t much better.) That’s why we decided to do a lot of “behind the scenes” work at this time. James has been working on some of the more technical stuff on the website along with everything he has going on in his personal life and I’ve been working on a home office for the new SNAPPZILLA Headquarters, doing a lot of recording to build up our YouTube library, and working on some new stuff we’re rolling out this year. So, even though there hasn’t been a ton of content the past couple weeks, there’s been a lot going on for the future of SNAPPZILLA. I will say that things are starting to wrap up though. I’m super excited to finally have a dedicated place to work!

That doesn’t mean there’s been no news at all. Nitrome has a new platformer coming out next week by Neutronized called, Slime Pizza. You play as a (slime) pizza boy whose ship has crashed and lost all your pizzas. It has some pretty cool “fling” mechanics too. I’m not really concerned. I usually love just about everything put out by Nitrome. It’s of course for pre-order on the App Store now.

While I’m rambling on. What the hell is with this pre-order shit on the App Store?? Seriously. I understand the whole pre-order thing for physical games, but for digital? It’s not like the game is going to sellout! What advantages do you have by pre-ordering? If Apple wants to push pre-orders, they are going to give some incentives. Maybe let the people that pre-order get the game a day or two early. Or have some sort of “limited edition” content for pre-orders. I just think it’s silly to have them for digital games.

Let’s see. What else….. Oh, yea. There’s this new mobile games-on-demand service called Hatch that’s soft launched in the UK and Ireland that I’ve been keeping my eye on. The service claims to have over 100 games on demand that you can play through a single app. Hatch is backed by Rovio, so you know there’s money behind it and the games in-app are supported by companies like, Ustwo Games, Frogmind, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. So, it’s definitely a pretty big deal. I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet. I mean, I like the fact of accessing tons of games through a single app, but what’s going to happen is that it’s going to become like Netflix, Hulu, etc. You are going to end up with other companies doing the same thing and each company is going to lock down certain developers/publishers, so we’re going to end up with a bunch of different services and a bunch of different subscriptions to pay. Right now Hatch is totally free and ad based, but I’ve read that there will be a subscription fee once the service rolls out worldwide. I just feel that this is yet another thing to make the bigger companies richer and smaller indies more obscure.

That brings me to this……

We’re not thought of as “gamers” anymore. We are “customers” now. At some point the industry lost that part of gaming. Especially in the mobile industry. It’s not about making games fun anymore. It’s all about money and retention. How to keep us playing so we view more ads or how to coax us into buying something we don’t need. Games have become financial spreadsheets with pretty skin overtop of it. Look at this shiny trinket while I snag your wallet out of your pocket!
Now, of course I’m mainly talking about the bigger companies. But, those are the games that are at the top of the App Store charts every week!! EVERY WEEK!!

Again, this is one of the main reasons we’ve created SNAPPZILLA. We want to change the way the industry is heading. “Make Gaming Great Again” We want to show everyone that the App Store (and soon to be other places) is more than these digital slot machines. To show that there actually ARE great games on the platform/s. And we want the creators of these games to be recognized for their work.

Anyway, I know I’ve rambled on long enough. If you like what we do or want to help us make a change. We’d appreciate any kind of help. It’s just the two of us here and it’s a full-time job for me. We can always use help with ideas, news tips, technical stuff, artwork, writing, retweeting posts, anything. If you think that SNAPPZILLA can benefit from something, let us know. We always appreciate donations too. It costs money to buy games every week, to buy themes/plug-ins for the website, domain, server, etc. Like I said, this is a full-time job for me. We aren’t making much of anything (literally pennies) from ad revenue due to ad blockers, so everything we do is done through donations. Hell, we wouldn’t be against sponsors! Even if you don’t have any skills to help out and don’t have any money to donate, don’t worry. Just appreciating what we do is great support in itself!!

I’ll leave the PayPal link below and I also started up a ko-fi account to buy me a cup of coffee (or Mountain Dew) once in awhile. Maybe we’ll start up a Patreon once SNAPPZILLA 2.0 is complete.

Keep on swiping!