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(SNAPP 5 [or “5NAPP” because it looks cool] is not a “best of” compilation, but more of a list of just five great games that have some kind of connection between them.)

IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!!!! The work week is finally over. Time to pour honey on our thighs and play some games!! (That’s how I play at least.)

Earlier this week I was talking with a handsome fellow over social media about the new SNAPP Roundup. This isn’t the first time it’s been brought up, but to some people the Roundup can be overwhelming and not very personal. I know I can’t make everyone happy and I’d drive myself crazy trying to, but I kind of agree with them. (Plus, I value their opinions.)

The SNAPP Roundup really isn’t supposed to be that personal. Sure, my award winning writing at the beginning of the article about the least week’s releases is personal and VERY intimate, but for the most part, the Roundup is just a tool for everyone. It’s a way for me to cut through the bullshit on the App Store and give attention to the games that deserve it. A place for me to document the links to everything “noteworthy” that released throughout the week. That way you don’t have to look all over the place to find out what games have released. There’s always going to be the SNAPP Roundup waiting for you with new games and a little bit of sexual frustration.

Anyway, after thinking things over, I’ve decided to add a weekly article on Friday’s called The SNAPP Five #5NAPP. This will be kind of a roundup to the Roundup. Basically five of my favorite games of the week. It’s not a “best of” list. Originally, I was going to do that, but the list would end up just becoming another long SNAPP Roundup. So, five is the magic number.

I’ll try not to ramble this much every week. I just wanted to explain everything. So, without further rambling, here’s this week’s SNAPP Five!!

Let Them Come (by Versus Evil)
Let Them Come is survival mode shooter game wrapped in beautifully chunky pixel art. You play as Rock Guner, a mercenary gun-for-hire, that has to try and clear out an endless horde of alien monsters on a spaceship owned by the Infini Corp. LTC is a gritty blast of killing, upgrading, and back to more killing. It’s a grindfest, but in a good way.

Space Cycler (by Sung Liwen)
Space Cycler is a “tunnel space shooter” with a unique control scheme. You control a spaceship that moves only in a circular motion by just sliding your thumb left to right. There’s 5 areas with 10 different bosses to defeat. It’s not that long of a game, but for a couple bucks, it’s well worth it. I would have liked to see the ability to upgrade your ship and maybe a handful more than the three ships you can play, but I’m still having a lot of fun with it.

HeliHopper (by Oddrok)
HelliHopper is a fun little time-killer where you play as a helicopter and have to hop from helipad to helipad. There’s a Mission Mode where you are given special things to do in order to advance to the next stage and then these Endless Mode which is………well, an endless mode. There are several different helicopters to unlock, all with their own unique stats. HeliHopper isn’t something you’ll be spending hours playing, but it’s definitely fun for short bursts while standing in line or sitting on the toilet (don’t act like you don’t do it).

Double Dragon 4 (by Arc System Works)
Double Dragon 4 is an all new title in the Double Dragon series. Well, technically the game originally released a year ago on January 30, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and this is a port, but it’s an all new title for the classic series. ASW did a pretty good job with the on screen controls. They threw in a bunch of new modes and features for the port also. You can play the first level for free and the rest of the game can be unlocked via IAP for $2.99. My only issue with Double Dragon 4 would be the file size I guess. It weighs in at a whopping 1.08GB!

Pocket Rogues (by Alexej Leonydov)
Pocket Rogues is a randomly generated action/RPG/roguelike game. I actually did a SNAPP Review on this game a couple months ago. It was a paid game. Well, now that game is called Pocket Rogues: Ultimate. This version is still the same game, but F2P. Like I said in my review, Pocket Rogues is a little rough around the edges, but since then, there has been a ton of updates and fixes. You can tell that the developer is passionate about this one. There’s a ton of content packed in this game with upgrades, skill trees, guilds, hero classes, and a ton more. It has a cool Gauntlet feel to it for me.

This week wasn’t a AAA blockbuster week for games, but there were still a lot of great games that released. Make sure to check out this week’s SNAPP Roundup for the full list

(Shoutout to Aur and Nik!)

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