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I tell ya. Versus Evil has been on a roll the past month or so! First, they had Like a Boss drop before the holidays, then Antihero releases. On top of that, BOTH games are featured on the App Store currently!

Now, Let Them Come releases yesterday on the App Store! If you haven’t picked this game up yet, let me push you over the fence.

LTC is a survival shooter wrapped in beautifully chunky pixel art. You play as Rock Guner, a mercenary that is sent by the Infini Corp to take down alien hordes in a space ship.

I’ve been having a blasty blast with Let Them Come so far. There are tons of upgrades, ammo, weapons, and an endless amount of aliens to kill. The game definitely has that “one more run” vibe to it and a killer soundtrack to boot. I’ve been having trouble putting it down since I picked it up.

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