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Flop to the top in Corporate Salmon, a game about fish in suits climbing escalators! Out now folks!

This has been on our #SNAPPRadar since late October and we even got to play the beta a few weeks back.
So I can confirm that it’s a super slippery fun, colourful highscore chaser with bags of charm and humour.

CS is very easy to slip into, soooo much easier than getting into a mermaid’s costume (no I haven’t been smoking). The controls are straightforward with a tap to flip your suited salary fish up the escalators (rather than stream) but it’s not as simple as that due to the way the fish lands. It has that physics weighty feel to it so each bounce/landing affects your next jump/flip.

Thankfully there are power-ups to help you along the way, such as a magnet to attract the cash to spend in the suit shop. Oh, suit’s you sir! Think only UK readers will get that 🙂

Anyway, I need to get back to playing CS so I guess you can tell I’m really digging it. So go on and flipping download it.


Corporate Salmon
Price: Free+