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RUYA is out today in all it’s beautiful purple, pink and blue ethereal tones. The app store description describes it as “a game of tranquillity through the art of matching cute characters in Ruya’s world of dreams.”

I can confirm that it does indeed give off a peaceful vibe as you soak in the dreamlike artwork and play at your own pace. The first of the 8 worlds acts as tutorial guiding you through the loosely based match-3 mechanic and after level 5 you are on your own.

This is premium title but for the top value price of 99p if you’re into puzzle games and want a chilled vibe then definitely pick up RUYA.

I’ll see you on the Leaderboard.

PS – I particularly enjoyed the intro scene and I think it’s a cool narrative which adds to the overall flavour and feel.

Price: $1.99

Check out Patrick’s game play video. He’s part of the #SNAPPFamily 🙂