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(Coffee & Swiping is a daily news-y/blogg-y article about the mobile gaming industry and everything in between. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Goooooood morning (again) SNAPP Family!! Wow! This is gonna take some getting used to huh? Anyway, it’s Tuesday morning on August the 22nd. Time to wake up, pour myself a cup of coffee and swipe through yesterday’s news……

Solar Eclipse 2017

Welł, the big news yesterday was of course SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017!!!! WOOOOOH!!!! GET HYPE!!!! Yea, that’s all we heard all day. I checked it out here in good old Michigan and I don’t know. I just wasn’t impressed or as hype as everyone else was. It was cool and all, but nothing I would be camping out for weeks for or buying hundred dollar paper glasses on the side of the road like some people did. I guess you’ve gotta be into that kind of stuff.

Anyway, enough of all that…..

There wasn’t a ton of big news yesterday. I know indie developer, Ron Gilbert tweeted out that Thimbleweed Park world be “coming soon, real soon, damn soon” to iOS and Android. But, there’s no concrete release date as of yet. That still got the hype train rolling and everyone all excited. I’m kinda excited about it. I’m so far behind on my adventure games though. So, I don’t mind the delay I guess.

Swipe Casters tweet

Another bit of social media news yesterday was Ogre Pixel tweeting out that their new game, Swipe Casters is in review right now on the App Store. So, it won’t be too long before we get our hands on that one. I’ve been pretty excited for this game. I loved Ogre Pixel’s last game, Warcher Defense. Hell, I think I even reviewed it back when it released.

Morphite title

The biggest bit of news for me was that Crescent Moon released V1.0 of Morphite on TestFlight yesterday. I’ve been playing this game since it was in its very early concept stages and I still get excited every time a new build is released. I haven’t had a chance to see what’s new with this build, but it’s been awhile since the last build was uploaded to TestFlight. I’m guessing with it being V1.0, this is probably the final build unless there are some issues. It’s not too much longer now before everyone gets to play this gem. I’m pretty sure it’s releasing on iOS, Android, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on or around September 7th.

Other than that, there were just a couple other little things yesterday…..

We had a few decent games release on the App Store. The Narrative-focused adventure game about lying, Little Red Lie and classic TAITO game, Bust-A-Move Journey both released yesterday.

Little Red Lie
Price: $4.99
Price: $4.99+

As far as updates go, Prettygreat released a decent update for Crash Club with new race cars and a whole race track in the middle of the virtual city.

Crash Club
Price: Free+

That’s it for me this morning. I know rambled on a little longer than I was supposed to, but hey, SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 BITCHES!!!!!! WOOOOOHH!!!!
Have a great Tuesday everyone! Keep it stiff and I’ll see ya tomorrow.