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(Coffee & Swiping is a weekly news-y/blogg-y article about the past week’s news/drama in the mobile gaming industry. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Coffee & Swiping mug by Nik

Goooooooood Morning SNAPP Family!! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life……I mean week. It’s been a really hectic week, so fire up those coffee makers and get the KY Jelly. It’s time for some Coffee & Swiping……..

Here we go again! Your boy NOEN is gonna be changing shit up once again! I swear. I can never sit still. I’m always trying new ways to improve. Plus, I guess I like to keep you on your toes!

So, what’s the whole “change” that I’m rambling on about you ask? Well, if you MUST know, Coffee & Swiping is going to 5 days a week! *the sound of crickets with one guy in the back clapping* Yes, I’ve decided to make C&S a daily piece. So, every morning you get to read my shit talking and rants. Things will be a little different though. C&S will be a lot smaller and quicker to read. But don’t you worry your pretty little heads! Coffee & Swiping will still have the same amount of sexiness as there used to be. Actually, 5 times the sexiness!

Changes meme 4

I’m still fine-tuning everything. I’m actually on my last (working) vacation of the summer, so I’m using this time to get everything in order for C&S, plus a bunch of other stuff for SNAPPZILLA. So, the new Coffee & Swiping will actually start next Monday.

Changes meme1

The new daily C&S will be a little different as far as content goes. I will be back to covering the news and drama in the mobile gaming industry. But instead of trying to pile an entire 7 days worth of info all into one huge article that takes me the entire weekend to put together, I’ll be covering it daily. Sound good?

Changes meme 2

This comes after a change-up in the SNAPP Roundup last week. If you didn’t catch it, I added a brief couple sentences to each one of the “Noen’s Nuggets” games, kind of explaining what the game is about or if the game is fun or not. (Kind of like what I was doing in C&S lately.)

Changes meme 5

Like I said, I’m still fine-tuning everything this week. If there’s any ideas that any of you guys have or areas you want me to cover, feel free to get ahold of me via social media or email. Remember, SNAPPZILLA is just as much your site as it is ours. We are all in this together!

Changes meme3

Anyway, that’s honestly all that I have this morning. I apologize that this C&S was just pretty much me explaining the changes, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loopy loop. Like I said, I’m still working this week, so everything is still business as usual. Have a great week everyone! Keep it stiff and remember to keep on swiping………

Hold on meme