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(The SNAPP Challenge is just friendly competition between Noen, James, and the SNAPPZILLA community. Usually, a recently released game from the App Store is picked by the staff and the whole community battles it out for the highest score mainly for bragging rights. All you have to do to join is play the game that’s picked and tweet out a screenshot of your highest score with the hashtag, #SNAPPChallenge.)


I know that we’ve already had a SNAPP Challenge over the weekend, but we decided to do a little something different this week. James (@deadjam) and myself (@hashtagNOEN) have been playing the same game off and on since it was in beta. Since it’s recent release, we’ve bickered back and forth over email or private message about who actually was the better player. So, we decided to put on the imaginary gloves and get in the virtual ring and see who is the actual champ.

Hyper Beam screenshot 2

The game that’s caused all of this is a little game known as, Hyper Beam by indie developer, Rinikulous Games (@RinikulousGames). I did a SNAPP Review of it not too long ago, so I won’t get into the details about the game. I’ll just say that it’s a really fun high score/longest run chaser with a unique control scheme. To be honest, the game had us competing against each other when it was still in beta. Hell, James even went out and bought a new iPhone just so he could play the game.

Hyper Beam screenshot 3

So, anyway. This SNAPP Challenge is for all the marbles. All the bragging rights. All the nipple pinching…..Wait. What was I talking about? Oh yea! It’s “The Official Noen vs James SNAPP Challenge Championship Extravaganza Y2K

@hashtagNOEN (future winner)