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I came across CAAARGH! from the SNAPP News Desk, aka just regular old email and there was something about developer, Adam Lofting’s press email that grabbed me. It might have been the mention of ‘Micro Machines’ which was the inspiration and driving force behind this Memory Racing Game. Whatever it was, I’m glad I checked it out.

Personally I feel it could do with a couple of visual tweaks here and there to give it that extra oomph, but as a first game it’s an achievement getting something to market.

CAAARGH! is free to try (now isn’t that clever) and you really should. It’s unique and I don’t think, if my memory serves (groan) that there has been a memory racing game before!? If you like what you play you can unlock the rest of the game, which includes all this;

  • Classic campaign with over 100 tracks
  • Survival Mode (Fixed number of lives to complete as many tracks as possible)
  • Survival Mode Extreme (One life and no zoom-outs to complete as many tracks as possible)
  • Track of the Day
  • Track Words (procedural track generation from any word you enter)

So remember, CAR + AAAARGH = CAAARGH!

Price: Free+