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(With how many games that release on the App Store on a weekly basis, it’s pretty rare that James and I play the same game. Usually we try and play different games for review purposes. But every so often our paths cross………and that’s not good. If one of us sees the other playing the same game on GameCenter it turns into a fight to the death on who’s going to have the high score of said game.)

It looks like we’ve created a monster with the SNAPP Challenge! What used to be just James and I battling it out for high scores once in a great while, has turned into pretty much a weekly thing over Twitter with a bunch of players. (I probably need to make a new intro.) We’ve actually had to create a Discord Channel to keep us from spamming everyone.

Just Ski screenshot 2

So, this week’s game is a little bit more of a “challenge”. The game is Just Ski by Farseer Games. Those of you that have been playing mobile games for awhile should know one of Farseer’s other games, Krashlander from 2013. This one feels a lot like the skiing in Krashlander, but with a more simplified control scheme.

Just Ski screenshot 1

The judging will be a little tough this week seeing how there isn’t really a “score” tallied in the game. Basically, score is color coded. The background color changes the farther you get. So, just post a screenshot of your best runs with the hashtag #SNAPPChallenge. If you are a little confused on the rules, just check out our Discord Channel for everything you need.