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(With how many games that release on the App Store on a weekly basis, it’s pretty rare that James and I play the same game. Usually we try and play different games for review purposes. But every so often our paths cross………and that’s not good. If one of us sees the other playing the same game on GameCenter it turns into a fight to the death on who’s going to have the high score of said game.)

Penarium logo

Well, it looks like another SNAPP Challenge is underway! This weekend it happens to be with the recently released, Penarium (Team 17). Penarium is beautiful pixel art game set in a sinister circus arena, where contestants are forced to entertain a sadistic crowd Gladiator style.

Penarium screenshot 1

The SNAPP Challenge itself lies in the “Arcade Mode” of the game where the object is to pretty much stay alive for as long as possible while jumping and dodging killer death traps.

As of right now, your boy Noen is getting slaughtered (per usual) by just about everyone. It looks like the leader right now is that damn, @TigerrrUppercut, but @Mike_AKD and @deadjam are close behind.

Penarium screenshot 2

I’m sure once I publish this, it’ll all change again, but if you want to get in on this action, pick up Penarium at your local App Store and post your high scores on Twitter with the hashtag, #SNAPPChallenge.

Price: $1.99