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(With how many games that release on the App Store on a weekly basis, it’s pretty rare that James and I play the same game. Usually we try and play different games for review purposes. But every so often our paths cross………and that’s not good. If one of us sees the other playing the same game on GameCenter it turns into a fight to the death on who’s going to have the high score of said game.)

Well, we haven’t had one of these in awhile!!

So, the past couple days I’ve noticed a little drama on Twitter over a certain game. This game actually released last week on the App Store, but seems to be picking up steam this week due to James (@deadjam) calling everyone out with the #SNAPPChallenge.

One Hit Cowboy1

The game is called One Hit Cowboy (by Toby Ye) and is a really simple reaction-based game where you are dueling against an rootin-tootin bandit (sometimes several of them) and you have to tap the screen when the chamber of your revolver highlights. Sometimes you just have to tap once, other times you are tapping several times. All this has to be done before your opponent shoots you. Every correct shot that you make builds up a combo meter which once it’s full, you’ll be able to go nuts for a few seconds with a gatling gun. All this is added toward your final score which is posted in Game Center.

One Hit Cowboy3

One Hit Cowboy is a pretty simple (and fun) little high score chaser. As of right now, it looks like @Mike_AKD is on top with a ridiculous score of 21,950. @TigerrrUppercut and @Doomfan are right behind him though! As for me, I just need to not come in last with my measly 9,750. Looks like I have some work to do!

One Hit Cowboy2

If you want to get in on this week’s action, download One Hit Cowboy and tweet out your score with a screenshot with the hashtag, #SNAPPChallenge. COME GET SOME!!!!!

One Hit Cowboy
Price: Free+