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Coffee meme 4/10/17

Goooooood Monday Morning Gamers! Welcome to another edition of Coffee & Swiping with your boy, Noen. It looks like it’s April 10th on the old calendar. The sun is starting to shine over here in Michigan. The weather is starting to feel more “Spring-like” and ooooooooof course, I’ve got a cold. I swear, it happens every year. So, just a heads-up if coffee can’t get me through this morning and C&S is a little short.

April 10th also means that our 1 Year SNAPPiversary is this Friday! So, that has to mean that this is around the 51st episode of Coffee & Swiping. I know I started C&S shortly after we went live. So, it’s somewhere around 50ish episodes. That’s just crazy! That’s a lot of writing. I’d LOVE to go back and read some of the first episodes and see how much things have changed. I know things were a little more newsy and a little less bloggy back then. C&S has kind of evolved into me just talking about the week in general. The news, the games, the drama, etc. I know I’ve said it before, but I’d love to do C&S on our YouTube Channel also. I spent a good month working on prototype shows. Trying to figure out editing programs and deciding whether I wanted to just do audio commentary over gameplay or a full on show with my beautiful face on your screens. This is all stuff I’ll be putting in the SNAPPiversary piece I’m working on this week, so I’ll stop it there.

Florida meme

Oh, before I forget. I’m going to be on vacation starting Friday. The family and I are heading down to Florida to visit the in-laws for Easter. Things “should” stay fairly normal on SNAPPZILLA. I’ll just have to change up some things a little. We are flying out Friday evening, so I’ll probably post this week’s SNAPP Roundup on Thursday night/ Friday morning. Next week’s C&S should still be around the same time. I’ll just be posting everything from down in Florida. Reviews and all other articles should probably be pretty normal. The only thing that I’m a little worried about is next week’s SNAPP Roundup. It all depends on my internet connection down there and how big the release week is. Seeing how I’ll be running things from my tablet/phone next week, everything will take a little longer to do. The Roundup usually takes me a couple hours to do from my laptop. I’ve never tried from my iPad. So, we’ll see. I’ll still be checking the App Store regularly and tweeting out new releases. Bottom line, just bare with me next week. I’ll try and make it to where you barely even notice that I’m gone.

Salt and sanctuary

Alright, enough about that. Let’s get into some games. I’ll mention real quick that I did end up playing one non-iOS game last week. I picked up Salt and Sanctuary for the PSVITA. (Well, it’s on the PS4 also, but I played it on the Vita.) It’s actually a really good game. I only played a couple hours of it, but damn, it’s pretty good! I swear, I wish Apple made some kind of gaming device similar to the Vita. It’s so nice playing games with actual joysticks and buttons. Anyway, that’s about it for my non-iOS gaming.

We had another great release week on the old App Store again. It was weird because we didn’t have a huge wave of games release at once on Wednesday or Thursday. Like I said in the Roundup, the games kind of “seasoned” the week. Like a nice juicy steak. So, when I started writing up the Roundup, I was almost thing it wasn’t that big of a week until I looked at the list in its entirety.

So, what caught my attention over the week you say? How kind of you to ask! Well, Pixel Drifters (by Appsolute Games) really surprised the hell out me. I did a SNAPP Review of it last week, so I won’t say much besides “download it now!”.

Pixel Drifters
Price: Free+

The game, Deep Town (by Rockbite Games) finally released worldwide last week. I did an “On The Radar” Preview of it a couple months ago and really “dug” it back then. So much has been added in these short couple months, so I’ve been playing the game all over again. It’s a unique mashup of clicker/idle/action-adventure/RPG/and crafting. There’s quite a bit going on in the game, that’s for sure. Even if you’re not a fan of clicker/idle games (neither am I), Deep Town is still worth checking out.

Transformers: Forged to Fight (by Kabam) is an “ok” game. To be honest, I probably would have never tried it out if it wasn’t for me being a fan of Transformers. It’s pretty cool seeing big Transformers fight each other. But, the novelty runs out pretty quickly. Once you dig into the game, you’ll find that it’s pretty similar to all the other F2P fighting games.

The new edition to the “Faily” series isn’t too bad. Faily Tumbler has you pretty much just falling down a never ending mountain. I will say that I like the upgrading additions to the game. You can upgrade your character’s speed and handling on top of the usual costume upgrades. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it was constantly set in a prehistoric theme. I would have liked some different themes to go along with the costumes. It felt like I got bored with it too easily. I’m sure Faily Tumbler will have a ton of additions like the other Faily games as time goes on. It’s still a solid little game that’s worth checking out if you dig the others in the Faily series.

Faily Tumbler
Price: Free+

I mentioned it in the Roundup, but I played that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword promotional game just for shits & giggles and it turned out to be a decent little title! The whole game lasted maybe 15-20 minutes from start to finish. It actually left me wanting more! If you have 15-20 minutes to kill, it’s worth downloading.

The newest 111% game to hit the App Store, TiKiTaKa! is actually really good. If you haven’t jumped on the 111% bandwagon yet, now is a good time. There’s only a few games by them that I don’t like. TiKiTaKa! is a little off the beaten path of their normal games, but I really like this one. It’s a roguelike game with swipe-based slingshot style attacks. What’s kind of cool about it is the way you can stack different power-ups. Every game plays a little differently depending on the power-ups. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free+

I think I’ll leave the rest of the games for reviews. I’ve got to have something to do this week!

Going through the news, there wasn’t a whole lot that stuck out. The original Bloo Kid (by Winterworks) is getting an update with 64-bit support and 12 new levels. I thought that was kind of odd seeing how old the game is and the fact that there is a sequel. You would think that they would add to the sequel instead, but I’m not complaining. Free levels are good levels!

Rocketcat submitted an update to Apple with MFI controller support and local co-op play. I won’t use the co-op, but MFI support is a welcomed addition.

Coming Soon image

Like I said, nothing really sticks out. The only other thing that I have going on is a ton of betas and soft launched games that I’ve been playing. I’ve been playing Colin Lane’s new game, Big Shot Boxing, the new side-scrolling multiplayer game, Mayhem, Skullgirls, Metal Fist, Built for Speed, Fastlane, Alone Planet, Squashy Bug, Crash Club, Bike Club, probably some more games with the word “Club” in it. I was thinking of doing a big “On The Radar” Roundup article instead of trying to do an article on each game. For some reason I’ve been slammed with upcoming games all at once. So, maybe I’ll just do that.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Sorry if this week’s C&S isn’t “up to par”. Like I said, I feel like total shit right now and I have a ton of meds pumping through me. So, hopefully it’s not too bad. I’m “hoping” to be feeling back to normal in the next day or two. So, until next time, keep on swiping……


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