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(From The Attic is a way for us to bring new life to older games. With so many games releasing on the App Store on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook a game or two or forget about a game you once loved, but never finished. These articles can come as regular reviews, but for the most part, they are just a way for us to talk about our experiences with an older game and hopefully bring some new attention to it.)

*cough* So, I was just poking around the iOS Attic this morning and ran across an old gem from 2012. *cough* *sneezing sound*

The game is Flight! (by Armor Games) and is one of those games that showed off the whole “tilting” controls that were all the rage back in the early App Store days. It’s basically a side scrolling paper airplane throwing game, but it has a cute little story to it.

I found myself playing it again for quite awhile today. It’s definitely got some charm to it and all the little upgrades that you can get for your plane keep you wanting “just one more throw”. It still holds up well against today’s games and it was just updated in December of last year, so it plays well on current devices. Thankfully, it’s still a solid “premium” game and hasn’t been bitten by the F2P bug when it could have easily over the years. So, if you haven’t played this little gem yet or want to relive a couple of early iOS memories, it’s worth dusting off and pulling out of the attic.

Price: $0.99+