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So what’s my new favourite game this week?

Well if you follow the weekly #SNAPPChallenge over on Twitter you would know it is Jelly Inc – the clue is also in the title of this post 🙂

Jelly Inc sneaked onto the App Store March 12 and we immediately jumped on it, even beating the US store to featuring it. YES!

So watch the trailer above, download Jelly Inc and see if you can top the team’s current high score of 25.

Jelly Inc has bags of charm, it’s very easy to get into and controls a dream just like Gang of One‘s other game, Vito Jump ‘n’ Roll. With straightforward, one-handed, tap controls; precision and timing is the name of the game. Ok it’s Jelly Inc but you know what I’m on about.

The only way to improve on this game is to extend it even more and have other labs (themses) and a shop to buy items, like a helmet which protects against a collision or a pritective suit which helps against acid!

So get it now and try and beat us in the #SNAPPChallenge. I bet you can’t!

Jelly Inc.
Price: Free+

Update: Sources tell me (ok Twitter, you guessed it) that there is more in the works for Jelly Inc, so stay tuned to SNAPPZILLA and we’ll let you know when the mould has set.