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Wow! This has been a great week for mobile gaming so far! Not only have we had a bunch of great games dropped in our lap, but now Chris Goodwin of SUPER Goodwin aka “The Gnome King” has graced us with a HUGE V 2.0 update for Gnome Dash: Rise of Trolls!

Gnome Dash screenshot 3

For those of you that don’t remember, Gnome Dash was the first game to receive 5 stars at SNAPPZILLA. It also went on to receive one of the coveted 2016 GOTY stamps by us. So, yea. We really like the game here at SNAPP HQ.

Gnome Dash screenshot 2

The new update has brought us 3D Touch to the worm and bee worlds, a new character called Zammy Baba with a new hidden world and mode of gameplay, new Bonus Rounds, the Double Jump power-up (that’s a big one!), the ability to trade coins for skull tokens, a bunch of New Quests, and a TON more! The SUPER Goodwin website has the entire list of additions,

Gnome Dash screenshot 1

If you haven’t played this game yet, I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of my top Endless Runners of all time……..and that says a lot! Even if you aren’t a fan of Endless Runners, it’s still a fun game with a lot of content to keep you hooked for quite awhile.