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(From The Attic is a way for us to bring new life to older games. With so many games releasing on the App Store on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook a game or two or forget about a game you once loved, but never finished. These articles can come as regular reviews, but for the most part, they are just a way for us to talk about our experiences with an older game and hopefully bring some new attention to it.)

Indiana Stone logo

Look what I found underneath a bunch of iOS dust! (Yes, “iOS dust” is a thing. It’s very fine and gets in all your crevices.) Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder was released by TwinSky Games way back in March of 2013. It was TwinSky’s only game released on the App Store. It’s a shame because this game is really good.

Indiana Stone is a nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones sets off the trap and the big boulder runs after him. The difference is, your the boulder in the game. Indiana Stone is a true platformer, but it plays a lot like the traditional “behind-the-back” endless runners. The object is to chase the “adventurer” down narrow hallways, dodging and jumping over different obstacles while trying to catch up to him before the level ends. There are several different locations to travel to, along with secrets to find, a bunch of unlockables, and four different game modes. It’s all put together with some nice chunky 8-bit pixel art. Controls are tilt-based with no other optional controls, but I honestly like the tilt controls in this game.

Indiana Stone screenshot 1

Indiana Stone is still on the App Store for $2.99. It hasn’t gotten any update love since April of 2013, but I’ve been playing it off and on the past couple days and it still runs flawlessly.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁