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(With how many games that release on the App Store on a weekly basis, it’s pretty rare that James and I play the same game. Usually we try and play different games for review purposes. But every so often our paths cross………and that’s not good. If one of us sees the other playing the same game on GameCenter it turns into a fight to the death on who’s going to have the high score of said game.)


Looks like we’ve got a pick for this week’s SNAPP Challenge! It’s Mascot Dunks by Crimson Pine Games! The game just released on the App Store and is featured in most countries already (and well deserved).

Mascot Dunks screenshot 2

The object to Mascot Dunks is to ultimately get as many slam dunks and you can with your Team Mascot by tapping on the screen at the right time in order to jump from trampoline to trampoline and eventually, to the basket. It may seem simple at first, but believe me when I say that it’s not! It takes some serious skill once you get past the first couple baskets! There’s also tons of unlockables like new mascots and new dunks. You can also customize the colors of your Mascot and their outfit. Of course, I suggest the red and white SNAPPZILLA colors on all your unlocked Mascots.


We’ve been having a lot of fun with this game so far. As of this writing, I think James is beating me with 10 dunks to my sexy 9 dunks. It looks like we have another contender out there (The High Score King, @TigerrrUppercut) with 10 also and 12 with a revive. I still haven’t decided if revives count, but I guess it doesn’t hurt seeing how there is only one revive per game. So that way, there’s no worries on who revived and who didn’t. (Plus, it gives Crimson Pine the extra ad revenue if you didn’t spring for the ad removal IAP.)

So, if you want in on some of this action, download Mascot Dunks and leave your high score in the comments or hit us up on Twitter with #SNAPPChallenge in the tweet.

See ya on the court!!

Mascot Dunks
Price: Free+