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Ok, so I love side scrollers. I also love kicking ass in games. On top of that, I love controlling shirtless men with big guns, motorcycles, explosions, and masculine attitudes. YEA!! FOOTBALL!!!

Oh, how I wish there was a game that brought my love for all these things together.

*explosions* Bring in Rogue Buddies. *explosions*

Rogue Buddies screenshot 2

“BIG GUNS!” Rogue Buddies just recently released on the App Store by developer, Brutal Studio. “MOTORCYCLES!” It’s a fast paced side scroller action/adventure game with almost a hand drawn art style.

“LOTS OF BULLETS!” The story goes that 4 expendable bros were out drinking some beers and talking about screwing over the company they work for, when a snitch was eavesdropping and heard it all! Corporate soon came to the party and took 3 bros hostage and It’s up to one bro to to take revenge. “I’LL CRY WHEN I’M DONE KILLING!”

Rogue Buddies screenshot 1

There are 4 different worlds to kick ass through with a hell of a lot of enemies to kill. “MONSTER TRUCKS!” There’s 4 different “bros” to unlock and play…..Wait. Did I say “play”?? There’s no playing in WAR! There’s also a host of different weapons, swag, and vehicles that are all upgradable. “MALE NIPPLES!”

Rogue Buddies screenshot 3

I’ve been having a BLAST with this game so far. It controls a little fast, but in a fun twitchy sort of way. There’s a ton to do, unlock, and upgrade. It’s F2P, but ads are too bad. The one thing I can’t find is an ad disable IAP. Either way, Rogue Buddies is definitely worth checking out. “IF YOU’VE GOT THE BALLS!!”