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(Looks like a new one just popped up on the SNAPP Radar.)

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little tired of the whole “Crossy Road” phenomenon. You know what I’m talking about. The whole “Swipe/tap to go forward in an endless attempt to dodge obstacles and get as far as you can”. I’m sure I just classified almost every endless runner out there, but you know what i mean. The concept has been overdone and I’m pretty tired of it………so I thought.

Bring in Bomb Hunters……..

Bomb Hunters screenshot 1

So, Bomb Hunters was just recently soft launched in a handful of countries by Czech indie developer, Craneballs. At first, I wasn’t even interested in checking out the game, but you know me, I have to try EVERYTHING out at least once and the fact that Craneballs has put out some decent titles over the years helped push me over the edge. (You know. Because logging into another App Store account is soooooo much work!)

The premise of Bomb Hunters is that you are a Bomb disposal expert and you’re job is to diffuse as many bombs as you can while racing a ticking time clock. “Is it the red wire or the blue wire? Dammit, we don’t have much time!” The reason why I brought up Crossy Road is that control-wise, Bomb Hunters is kind of set up the same way. You’re constantly moving around obstacles while defusing bombs, earning more precious time and constantly moving forward. That’s about it for comparison. (I could be stretching it by comparing the two games, but that’s the feeling I got while playing.)

Bomb Hunters screenshot 2

This game has so much character and charm. You almost care for your little guy if he gets blown to pieces. Controls are very easy. Just swipe which way you want to go and onto the next bomb. Speaking of, bombs come in all shapes and sizes. Some you just have to walk up to, wait a few seconds and it’s diffused. Others may require you to connect wires, remember codes, or put in fuses. It’s a really nice touch! There are also a bunch of different suits to collect with each suit having different abilities. You earn these by leveling up and earning coins.

Bomb Hunters screenshot 3

There’s really a lot going on to this game. There are missions to accomplish, skills to level up, power-ups to use, uniforms to buy, mini-games, along with 5 different environments to run around. I’m not sure when this one will be releasing worldwide, but if you live in or “live in” the NZ, PH, CZ, Norway, or Slovakia App Store areas, definitely pick this one up. If not, Bomb Hunters is worth the wait.