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Yoda Coffee Meme

Gooooood Morning and welcome to the start of another week! I guess the one thing different about this week is that it’s the first week our new President is in office. So, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, it’s either a going to be a good week or a bad week for ya. As for me, I’m just so sick of hearing about Trump. I’m sick of hearing about how much people hate him, how much people love him. I’m sick of the media talking about him. All this crazy Trump talk is making my penis soft.

Politics aside, last week was a pretty busy week. Like I said last Monday, I’ve been going balls-deep in SNAPPZILLA since the new year. So, HOPEFULLY it’s starting to show. As for last week, we put out a SNAPP Review for the recently released, Z-Exemplar, we had a new SNAPP Challenge with the new one by Galactic Thumb/Sussexx (and I got my ass handed to me yet again!), I added a couple more mini-reviews to The Endless Review, plus, I’ve been adding stuff daily to Attack of the Clones. (I think I might have bit off more than I could chew on that one.) Not to mention adding trailers and then the weekly articles. Oh! And I started recording “My 2 Cents” gameplay videos again!! Well, I only uploaded one so far. I was pretty much just testing all the levels and equipment, but still. I’m *hoping* to do some sort of C&S type of weekly show eventually, but that’ll be a little later. Baby steps!

Anyway, that’s enough about us! Let’s chitty-chat about the rest of the mobile industry. So, fire up that coffee maker and get the Vasoline. I don’t want any chafes with all this friction we have going on between each other. You feel it too right?

App Store pic

Unfortunately, I’d have to say that the biggest news out of last week is that the App Store prices in the U.K., India, and Turkey are going up 25 % as of this week. This is happening due to the decline of the pound and the whole Brexit thing I keep hearing about. I guess prices for everything have been going up recently in these areas, so it was only a matter of time I guess. 25% may not seem like much on $0.99/£0.79 games, but it all eventually adds up. It’ll be especially noticeable on the higher price tag “premium” games. Keep an eye on those App Store sales!!

Nintendo announced during their Treehouse Event last week that Fire Emblem: Heroes will release on iOS and Android on February 2nd. They livestreamed a good chunk of it last week and it looks “ok” from what I saw. Yup, just ok. I don’t know. These F2P Social RPGs all kind of look the same to me. Lots of summoning random characters, IAPs, and lots of boobs.

Ironhide Teaser Image

Another big announcement last week came from Ironhide Games. They announced that they are currently developing a new Kingdom Rush game. Not much else was said besides a teaser image and a quote that read, “The bad guys shall have their revenge.” That’s all I have on this one.

Kingdom New Lands

Another announcement that I’m really excited about is that Kingdom: New Land is finally releasing this month on the 31st day of January. K:NL is a really unique side scroller where you play as a King or Queen and have to build up your kingdom. What’s weird is that I remember playing Kingdom (not New Land) on iOS a loooong time ago. I’m guessing it was a clone or something. Kingdom released as a flash game back in 2013 (and is still running today), so maybe someone just copied the flash game. I do remember the game being very buggy. Who knows. Either way, I’m pretty excited to get my grubby little hands on this one next week.

Riverman Media released a trailer for their upcoming game, MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL. (Yea. That’s what the game is titled.) *That game* is a little different from their other games, but that’s what I like about Riverman. They don’t have a specific type of games that they make. Every game is the complete opposite of their others. This one seems a little more “arcady” that their past games, but I’m still looking forward to it regardless.

UNLONELY 1/23/17

Indie Developer, Nik Mihaylov released a new teaser for UNLONELY over the weekend and guess who’s planet was on the teaser! Go on, guess! It was Planet SNAPP! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a few weeks ago I wrote an article about about it. Long story short, UNLONELY is game with SNAPPZILLA and 5 other indie journalists. I’m pretty stoked about it.

Last but not least, “my 2 cents” on new releases last week. Like I said in the Roundup, it was a pretty standard week as far as quantity goes, but we ended up having a ton of quality games out of the bunch! Ell Tee finally released his dream game (congrats!), Sky Dancer, Red’s Kingdom is a gem, Endless- A Lost Note turned out to be a surprisingly good game, we had a bunch of SHMUPS release, and a whole heaping helping of indie games. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to stop playing WarFriends by Chillingo. I swear, every time I had a few minutes, I was back on that game! It’s definitely worth checking out if you like cover-fire games. And just think, we’ll be going through a bunch of other new games in a couple days already. Gotta love being a gamer right now!

Alright, Alright, Alright. I guess I’ll leave it at that. It’s almost 10:30am and I need to get this published. Have a great week everyone and remember to keep on swiping……….