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(With how many games that release on the App Store on a weekly basis, it’s pretty rare that James and I play the same game. Usually we try and play different games for review purposes. But every so often our paths cross………and that’s not good. If one of us sees the other playing the same game on GameCenter it turns into a fight to the death on who’s going to have the high score of said game. So, we decided to do a “SNAPP Challenge” whenever this happens.)

DROP'd screenshot

This time is a little different. This time I declared the SNAPP Challenge! I’ve lost the last to challenges, so I’m going on the offensive this time. The game I’ve picked is the recently released, DROP’d by Galactic Thumb. I’ve only played it a few times (No! I haven’t been practicing all week!), but it just “feels” like one of those games that I could get competitive with. So, I figured that I would drop the hammer and call out the challenge before I started getting too good at it.

Anyway, so far my high score is a handsome 40. If anyone wants to come get some, DROP’d is available worldwide on the App Store right now.

Price: Free+