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Coffee can't start

Goooooooood Morning everyone and welcome to another Coffee & Swiping with yours truly. I hope everyone had a great week!

Nintendo Switch

It was a fairly busy week in the video game industry last week. Of course, a lot was overshadowed with the Nintendo Switch Presentation……..or the Treehouse Presentation. I’ve been a pretty “hardcore” gamer all my life, but the last few years I’ve kind of lost faith in Nintendo, but I will say the the Switch has really got me excited for them again. It’s definitely a cool piece of hardware. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents for now. This is SNAPPZILLA. It ain’t that kind of party.

Like I said, underneath the large shadow, it was a fairly busy week in mobile gaming. So, fire up that coffeemaker or go down to the local coffee shop and let the sensual, yet masculine words of Noen vibrate all through your body while he talks about the past week in mobile gaming in his deepest voice. Mmmmmm.

I won’t get that much into the world of SNAPPZILLA or we will be here all day. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve been publishing a lot more content in the new year. I’ve been trying to put out an article or few on a daily basis. I think Wednesday was the only day I didn’t. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are the toughest for me with all the new games releasing. You figure I’m on the App Store every 30 mins or so looking for new games and then I’m usually trying to play a bit of every game to make sure it’s worth tweeting out. So, it gets tough trying to write anything on those days. But, yea. Like I said, expect a lot more content now.

AppleTV logo

If you’re an Apple TV gamer, you’ll be happy to hear that Apple has raised the app size limit to 4GB. This is a big deal seeing how the old limit was 200MB so you had to install the rest of the game in-app for bigger games. Now, will this help turn Apple TV into a full fledged gaming machine? I doubt it, but we can dream. Every little bit helps though.

The upcoming game, Titanfall: Frontline CCG is canceled before it even left beta. This was announced on the Titanfall Facebook page last week. Developers said that the game, “just wasn’t the intense action packed everyone everyone associates with the Titanfall franchise.” The last day for the game before it’s taken offline is January 20th. It’s a bummer seeing anyone’s work being cancelled. It’s a lot of wasted time on everyone’s part. I was never too excited for the mgame myself, but let’s hope they don’t give up on the mobile industry all together.

Gangstar New Orleans popup

So, Gameloft recently soft launched their next installment on the Gangstar franchise titled, Gangstar: New Orleans. Well, after a few days, they decided to put a region lock on the game. So, if you didn’t live in the soft launched areas, you were greeted with a screen that pretty much said, “thanks for downloading the game, but you can’t play it in your area”. Gameloft didn’t explain why they did this, but I’m guessing because they didn’t want any bad press before the game released. I had a couple days to play it before I was shut down and the game wasn’t the greatest. It wasn’t horrible, the driving was pretty decent and the cars looked good. The walking and shooting mechanics were pretty clunky, but all the Gangstar games are like that. I will say that they went pretty overboard on the timers and F2P shenanigans. So much stuff was locked behind IAPs and timers. But, the game is in soft launch, so everything is subject to change right? RIGHT?

Mega Man Mobile got an update last week finally fixing the sometimes non-functional left direction button. Does this actually “fix” the game? Umm, I guess it depends how you look at it. If you just want the game to mess around with and relive some childhood memories, then yes. The game IS playable and beatable. Now, is this the perfect representation of the Mega Man series? No. If you’re wanting to actually sink some time into the games and enjoy them to their full potential, just download an emulator somewhere. Google Play has a ton of them.

Highway Runners

Another big update last week was for the recently released game, Highway Runners. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a really cool Out-Run style racing game. When it released, it was iPhone Only and controls were tilt-based only. This turned a lot of people off. I personally didn’t have a huge problem with it, but prefer touch controls WAY more on racing games. Well, I’m happy to say that the game now has touch controls AND is universal!

Another quick one speaking of updates. The original Don’t Starve received an update last week with the same virtual stick controls that Shipwrecked has. So that should make a lot of people (including me) happy.

GalacticThumb announced their newest game last week titled, Drop’d. It’s a pretty cool looking endless dropper platformer (if that’s a thing). It’s a high score chaser with 20 different characters to unlock/collect and will be releasing on the 19th.

TinMan Games announced their new game, Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. It’s a visual novel and will be episodic with the first chapter releasing on February 8th. This is TinMan’s first take at the genre, but it looks really good from what I’ve seen. Apparently it’s based off a popular TV show called, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I don’t know if I should be ashamed for never hearing of the series or not, but it’s news to me. I don’t get to watch a ton of TV anymore. It’s usually gaming or watching/reading something gaming related or the TV is on Disney or Nickelodeon with the kids. But keep your eyes peeled on February 8th.

Last, but not least, the App Store as a whole last week.

Oh yea it's free

I feel things are finally back to “normal” after the holidays. We are starting to see a lot of updates come through the pipeline with fixes and new content. We are also starting to see a lot more games release. Just last week we saw The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth finally release, Xenoraid, a new one from 10tons, the sequel to Super Hyper Ball, the beautiful Towaga, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, Force Arena released to name a few. (Check of the SNAPP Roundup for the full list.) Things are definitely picking back up for us as gamers. I will say that it’s still a tough time for the industry though. I’m not for or against F2P, but it’s tough seeing comments on developers posts about a new game saying “This would be great if it was free” or “When will this game be free? I want to play it!”. There’s a whole new generation of gamers out there and they are growing up expecting everything on the App Store to be free. Now, I’m not the one that has the the pull to say that this is a good or bad thing. F2P does work for some developers, but I’m speaking on behalf of the smaller indie developers. You know, the “little guy” and it’s frustrating seeing developers forced to practically give their game away just to get noticed a little bit………only to get forgotten a week or two later. I’m not trying to say that I have the answer. I’m just explaining my frustration. I know that small indie developers are going to go elsewhere if this keeps up. We as gamers need to help out the indie mobile industry before it’s gone. I’m not saying go out and buy every indie game you see. I know times are tough for a lot of us (including me). I’m just saying to at least do SOMETHING. Tell a friend about a game, don’t wait for a sale here and there and buy a game at full price, write a review on the App Store. Show these developers that we do appreciate what they do. I don’t know. Just my 2 cents I guess.

Anyway, that’s about it for me this week. My cup has runeth dry (did I say that right?). Oh, and let me know if you think a YouTube episode of Coffee & Swiping would be something you guys would watch/listen to. It’s something I’ve been thinking about because you know me, I like to ramble. Have a great week everyone and remember to keep on swiping…………