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Wow! 2016 is already over! Between AAA big budget titles, unique indies, and well known ports, we had a TON great games release last year. This brings us to the toughest part……picking out the best of the bunch. With the sheer number of quality games that release on the App Store every year, it’s almost impossible to pick one single game for “Game of the Year”, so we decided to each pick a handful of games that left a big enough impression on us to get that GOTY stamp.

NOEN’s 2016 Best Of:

I’m all over the map when it comes to games. There’s not a certain genre that I usually stick to. I guess you could say that I’m a “gaming whore”. I don’t discriminate. I play everything. If it’s a game, chances are that I’m playing it.

One game that James and I agree on is Gnome Dash: Rise of Trolls. This game got a 5 star review from me back when it released in July. It’s one of my favorite Endless Runners on the App Store to date. There’s not much I can say about this game besides, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

Next one up is Rule with an Iron Fish by Kestrel Games. This game really surprised me. Everything about it screams passion from the developers. The beautifully hand painted artwork, the unique character designs. Plus, there’s so much to do in the game. It’s just an all around solid “premium” game.

Rule with an Iron Fish
Price: $3.99

This one should come as no surprise to racing game fans. Rush Rally 2 by BrownMonster. I absolutely loved the first one in 2015 and RR2 far surpassed everything the first game did. Bottom line, this is the very best rally racing game you can get on the App Store.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Next is Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers by Nerf Game. This game just felt right to me as a mobile game. The developers didn’t overkill the screen with buttons, yet they didn’t over do it with a bunch of swipes to remember. It was challenging, yet not too tough. Nerf just seem to hit all the right buttons. Not to mention, the game felt like you were playing a cartoon right out of the tv screen!

Last but not least is Fast Food Rampage by Tea&Cheese. This was a really close one between this and Neon Chrome. FFR just hit all the right notes with me for a fun little dual stick shooter. Great controls, tons of weapons/upgrades/power-ups, and a unique character design.

Fast Food Rampage
Price: Free+

A few honorable mentions that could easily have been GOTY for me:

Neon Chrome
Price: $6.99+
Legend of the Skyfish
Price: $3.99
Maximum Car
Price: Free+
Price: $6.99
Vulture Island
Price: $2.99

I’m telling ya. It’s really tough trying to pick just a handful of games out of literally thousands. I’m going through my purchase history right now and still finding games that are GOTY worthy. I could easily pick out the top 100 games of 2016 and still have trouble. Oh, and if you want to know my Apple Watch and iMessage GOTY, it was Cosmos Rings by Square Enix and Cobi Hoops by Cobra Mobile.

Price: $8.99

Cobi Hoops
Price: Free+

DEADJAM’s 2016 Best Of:

Wow! It’s 2017 and I’m ready to play even more excellent iOS games.

Arcade, high-scoring, fast and challenging games are my thing, so looking back on 2016 there were tons of awesome games that fit the bill and here are the ones which I’m still playing today.

In no particular order, first up is Hyper Blaster. This game was created by one man team Adam Smart and when it was released in Summer it caught my eye with it’s unique style and promise of challenge.

Hyper Blaster
Price: Free+

Next up is Maximum Car from dev team Nicoll Hunt and tea&cheese. These guys also released 8-Bit Waterslide which is a super fun endless runner (I mean slider) and should really be in this list as well.

Maximum Car
Price: Free+

Now I love my electronic music and when Chrome Death hit the App Store it arrived with a thumping soundtrack by VHS Glitch. Damn fine. Chrome Death was my commuter game of choice for many weeks and I still like to ride the streets from time to time.

Chrome Death
Price: Free+

So my high score chaser award (which isn’t really a thing) goes to, Tomb of the Mask by Happy Magenta. I’ve been playing this frequently since it slapped it’s retro arcade face onto the App Store. My high score isn’t too bad – 89,228.

Tomb of the Mask
Price: Free+

Life has it’s up and downs and we all welcome humour to lift us out of our funky moods. Well, Gnome Dash is one endless runner with bags of tricks and funs which does that. I can’t help but smile when I fire up this mood lifting game – I’ve had many strange looks when people catch me smirking into my screen on the commute home!

Everyone has a dirty little secret and mine is that I enjoy playing Crash Royal. I’m sorry dear readers as it’s not an indie title but I think Supercell have done a great job of creating an addictive game loop. Just don’t tell Noen 😀

Clash Royale
Price: Free+

So the last game to make into my list is Mini Metro. Wow! I never thought I could enjoy something without any violence. Mini Metro is unique and I love it.

Mini Metro
Price: $3.99

There are so many great games out there but with these sorts of lists you have to leave out a few awesome games. So the following games all deserve a special mention and a place on you device if you don’t already have them: MMX Hill Climb, Lonely Sun, Bone Crusher, Tap Hero and Thumb Space.

Tap Hero
Price: Free+
Thumb Space
Price: Free+

@hashtagNOEN & @DeadJam