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This one isn’t that old of a game, but by App Store standards, 2 years is a long time. I’m actually digging it out of the attic because it was just updated recently with new levels and a bunch of fixes.

Psebay screenshot 1
The game is called Psebay (I have no clue what the name means) and was released way back in November of 2014 by indie developer, Eugeny Butakov. Psebay is a beautiful, atmospheric, artsy moto trials game. I know the work “artsy” doesn’t usually go with motocross style games, but believe me, it is. Think, Alto’s Adventure, but on a motorcycle.

Anyway, the game is set up like most side scrolling trials games. Get from Point A, to Point B in the quickest time possible. The physics are pretty decent, although they feel a little stiff at times. That’s what usually makes or breaks these type of games. To be honest, there really isn’t a whole lot on the App Store that worth downloading besides a few. (I won’t mention them in this review.)

Psebay screenshot 2
What sets this game apart from the others are the visuals. Everything has a watercolor look to it. The colors are beautiful and washed out with a fog almost. It’s really hard to describe. The screenshots say so much more about the visuals than I could ever explain. Your motorbike and rider is just a dark shadow going through each level. What’s kind of unique is that your time is actually on the fuel tank of the bike and your upgrades are marked on each part of the bike to show a little visual difference while riding.

Upgrades are marked as little circles on your bike. You have three levels of upgrading for each area. Tires, engine, speed maneuvers, and strength. So if you’re at level 1 upgrades, it will be represented with one circle on your tires, helmet, engine, etc. It’s a cool little addition.

Psebay screenshot 3
You earn upgrades by spending “stars”. Each level is graded on the good old 3 star system. So, the better you do, the quicker you can upgrade. Speaking of upgrading, There is a pretty unique F2P system going on in this game. You can actually play the game free of charge, but you can only upgrade to level 2 on everything. If you want to upgrade your bike and rider any more, you will need to purchase the “Premium Unlock” IAP. Which also gives you a level editor, an infinite level, and no ads for $2.99 USD.

Psebay screenshot 4
Besides the sometimes still suspension, I would have liked to see some additional bikes and/or riders in the game just to change things up a bit, but these issues are definitely not a deal breaker. Psebay is just as unique now as it was when it released a couple years ago. The visuals and crazy levels make this definitely worth the download. While, the $2.99 may only be worth it to some on the more hardcore. I will say that it would be very tough to get through all 68 levels without purchasing the last upgrade, I think I got about ⅔ the way through before I started struggling with collecting 3 stars on each level and opted for the premium unlock. Either way, Psebay is worthy of keeping the light on in the iOS Attic.