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HoH poster 3

Now, I’ve said this before and I know that I’ll say it again, but I love me some Halloween! I love the dark and eeriness of the holiday, I love the gray and gloomy weather (at least in my area). I love me some Halloween! See? I told ya I’d say it again.

HoH poster 2

Anyway, I really like when game developers get into the season too. A week or so ago, I noticed the team over at Holmade Games were doing some promotional posters for their game, Hurdle Turtle Forever and they were themed after famous horror flicks. I thought it was pretty cool and just wanted to share a couple with you guys and gals. They call it the “Hurdles of Horror” collection. You can check out the whole collection on Holmade’s Instagram and their full game library on their website.

HoH poster 1

If you haven’t played Hurdle Turtle Forever yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. It hasn’t left my phone since it released back in June. Plus, Holemade Games just released the “Halloween Spectacular” update with 2 new levels and 7 spooky new characters. Check out their other games while your there and help support the indie game industry.

HoH poster 4

Hurdle Turtle Forever
Price: Free+