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I came across Vito Jump ‘n’ Roll a few months back and if I’m perfectly honest, when I saw it was a platformer I was a little dubious about how it would play. Only because platformers on mobile don’t get along with me. Oh it’s a hard life being a game reviewer 😀 So after firing it up and playing a stage I was extremely surprised and pleased at how well it controlled.

Firstly the physics and weight of Vito, the ball like character is spot on. It feels like it has mass, albeit a little too heavy but when you complete all the jumps and move around with success it’s very satisfying. I can’t stress enough how silky smooth the controls are, I highly recommend downloading it if your looking for a well designed platformer.

It’s free to download and you start with 10 lives which can be topped up with a rewarded video. You will lose a few lives per stage but the system seems fair. So jump to it 😀

You play as a ‘being’ called Vito and your mission is it to find Vito’s lost best buddy, a little dog.

Defeat enemies, collect bones, solve puzzles, use power ups and fight bosses on your way to find the lost dog.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁