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So I’m presuming you have watched the trailer above for Lonely Sun. If not, I can wait.

Ok, so now you have a glimpse into the quality of design, the colourful low polygon art style and the moody ambient sounds.

Good. We’re on the same page (or should that be screen?).

What you miss from the trailer is how frustratingly challenging it is. Not in a bad, I‘m going to sling my phone through the window way. More like, this is tough but I really want to beat it way. I would like to point out that my ‘Achilles heel’ is platformers on mobile and games which require skill of movement similar to a platformer.

Lonely Sun depends on pixel perfect accuracy as you attempt to move unharmed through the wonderful landscapes, navigating the hazards and getting to grips with different gravitational pulls.

So the fault in my awful progress is all down to me. I’ve only completed 2 stages out of 15. I know right, what kinda gamer am I?

I should let you know that my difficulties do not stem from the touch controls. They are are freaking awesome. It’s just I’m a little unlucky… ok very impatient!

Lonely Sun is a premium game and has a very premium feel. There are no timers, no ads. Simply dive straight in if you like a healthy dollop of challenge, garnished with delicious sound design and served on a warm plate of top notch design.



Here’s what the developers say;

The chances of a planet coming into existence are cosmically small – until now. Lonely Sun is a new iOS game that puts you at the center of a fledgling solar system, and as the guiding hand of gravity, it’s your job to help usher every planet through strange, distant worlds, all while collecting the raw materials to become a celestial giant.

All that stands between you and the fulfillment of a distant sun’s destiny are five unique, both visually and auditory, hand-crafted levels – one for each of the five levels. Every level divided into three stages has its own strange landscapes, distinct dangers, and gravitational forces to surmount on your way to building a complete star system.