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Have you ever been playing a game and thought to yourself, “What the hell was the developer smoking when they created this?” Or just wondered what goes on in the mind of some of these game developers? Yea, I know that we do “Indieviews” here at SNAPPZILLA and that helps a little, but haven’t you wanted to visually see what’s going on in their mind? No? It’s just me? Oh, I’M the crazy one you say?

Well, our good friend, Chris Goodwin of SUPER Goodwin Games has confused us even more by creating a visual journey if you will, into the mind of a game developer. Well, actually they are just off the wall, short videos promoting his mobile game, Gnome Dash, but we’ll call it a visual journey anyway.

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This is one video of a five part series that Chris has awesomely given us exclusive first dibs to. We will post the other four videos when the Gnome King demands us too. That’s just how he rolls around SNAPPZILLA.

So, ladies and gentlemen, gnomes and unicorns, we give you “Guy Playing A Video Game and Biking Almost Gets Hit by Car Then Ends Up in a Magical Gnome Word” or “GPAVGABAGHBCTEUIAMGW” for short, or as I like to call it, *robot sounds*.

Alright, I honestly have no clue what is going on anymore……