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(This is another one of my earlier reviews that I found on my old Tumblr page. It’s a little rough around the edges, but still worth a read.)

“Short and Sweet”

CCCC screenshot 1

Ok, first off, I just want to say that I love me some Halloween, so I was pretty excited when I got the chance to play Black Hive Media’s new Halloween themed game, Count Crunch’s Candy Curse.
This looks like Black Hive’s first attempt at a game like this and they did a great job in my opinion.

Like always, I’ll try to keep the story and some parts of the game pretty vague, so you can go into the game without knowing everything.

Basically, your character, opens up a box of cereal and releases “Count Crunch’s Curse” and your job is to pretty much save Halloween. (That’s pretty vague right?)

My favorite part of the game has to be the art style. It’s got this 1980’s cereal box look. (If that’s a thing?) The characters and levels are all hand drawn and almost looks like it was from an old cartoon. It has this cool “soft focus” foggy look to it. All the characters are pretty original and also likable. Nothing you’re going to grow attached to or anything, but still very likable.

CCCC screenshot 2

As far as gameplay goes, it’s pretty much a platformer at heart. There are some very mild RPG elements to it. You gain XP by collecting “candy” throughout the levels and once you reach a certain predetermined number of candies, you gain a different ability to help you on your quest. There are also side quests on every level. It’s usually another Trick or Treater who needs you to find or do something within the level. If you complete the side quest, you receive a “sticker” to collect in your sticker book. These quests are optional, but it does add to the length of the game.

That brings me to my only gripe about the game. It’s VERY short. It can be completed with all side quests done and stickers collected in about an hour. It’s a very fun hour though. I just wished there was a little more. Another 10 levels (so 20 levels total) would have been perfect in my opinion.

Count Crunch’s Candy Curse is still a really fun game. The on screen controls work well and although the game starts off a little on the easy side, it ramps up pretty well about half way through. Black Hive Media did a pretty good job on this. It just fell short on the length.
Even with it being fairly short and on the easy side, it’s still worth picking up in my opinion. I had a decent time with it.