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I’m not the biggest fan of puzzle games but when they involve numbers in a quick, pick up and play style then that’s something I can enjoy.

O:anquan looks the part and plays really well. I’m finding it strangely relaxing, maybe because there’s no timer. Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive a promo code from Pine Entertainment so I’ll post my thoughts another time once I’ve played it solidly.

I understand it launches next week so stay tuned to @snappzillagames for all the latest news.

UPDATE: o:anquan is out now.


o:anquan is a number puzzle from the game designer of Politaire.

It’s quick and easy to pick up and play, but deep and challenging enough that it’s difficult to put down.

The idea of o:anquan is inspired by the control of a traditional Vietnamese children’s board game (Spread the number to score).

Price: Free+