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So, another work week has come to a close and the weekend is finally here. It’s been a great week in mobile gaming. Oh, what was that? You want to know what we’re playing this weekend? Wow! That was really unexpected, but sure we’ll give you a peek into what we’ve been giving some thumb-action to over at Snappzilla Towers.

Check the list below and let us know in the comments what games are gracing your devices or you can hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #SNAPPwwp

All the games featured are linked at the bottom of the post.


@hashtagNOEN Plays:

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This has been a weird week for me. I’ve been on this little mini-vacation in Northern Michigan and the cellular/bandwidth has been HORRIBLE, so I’ve been doing a lot of standing in weird places holding my idevices up in the sky, trying to get a better signal. (Yea, I’m sure I didn’t look odd at all!) Anyway, I’ve still been getting a lot of gaming time in this week/weekend. I’ve been playing a lot of the final build of Legend of the Skyfish by Crescent Moon. I really love the artwork in this one. Hyper Blaster by ComboPunk has been kicking my ass, but I keep saying “Thank You! May I have another?!” after every beating. For some reason, I got myself hooked on Boom Dots by Umbrella Games the other night and have been trying to complete as many missions as I can to open up new themes. You know, the whole *carrot on a stick* thing. I downloaded Leap of Fate by Clever-Plays, but haven’t had a chance to fire it up yet…..but I WILL be playing it this weekend. Mark my words!! I also started playing Studio Joho’s new game Dan the Man. Halfbrick is publishing it, so that’s how it got my attention. It’s currently is soft launch in the NZ, CA, AU, and SG App Stores right now. I’m really digging that one so far, so if you have any of the mentioned accounts, it’s worth checking out. Oh, and I’m still playing a little Bowmasters by Playgendary here and there!


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My list is going to be very short this week. I’ve been hammering Hyper Blaster by @Combopunk so much to unlock the weapons and characters that I literally haven’t played anything else since Tuesday.




Hyper Blaster
Price: Free+

Legend of the Skyfish
Price: $3.99

Leap of Fate
Price: $3.99

Boom Dots
Price: Free+