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Save The Planet was released last week and is described by the dev as ‘Minimal, calming and undeniably simple.”

That’s partly true, I would add in a sprinkle of stress and a dollop of panic to the mix. 

You play as the pilot of a spaceship continuously orbiting earth in a clockwise direction. From the edges of space, meteorites are hurtling towards Earth in varying speeds, sizes and colours. By simply tapping on the screen the ship will slow to cruising speed and deliver a shield barrier to nullify the angry space debris! I like to think of it as I’m creating a new ozone layer.

Sounds easy and calming, right? Well once you’ve destroyed a couple of these meteorites things ramp up pretty quickly and they are flying in from all angles. Engage panic!

I really like the clean design, simple controls and the exciting multi-tasking element where you have to to try and predict where the meteorites are originating from and at the same time assess their speed/distance to Earth to make a snap decision on which one you need to attempt try and slow down first.

Save The PlanetThere are 10 ships to unlock which get more expensive once you unlock your first ship which have ‘varying speeds and manoeuvrability’ to aid in reaching a higher score. However, I have a little issue with the system. The ships don’t offer their specs before you unlock them. I presumed that the 2nd ship in line was slightly better than the first but it appears random. Granted I have only unlocked two, three counting the default ship so I could be wrong. That’s what the SNAPP Review is all about, I can come back and edit this post as these are my initial thoughts and a snapshot of the game.

Let’s get back to the ships. Why shouldn’t they be random? I hear some of you mutter. This is true there are lots of games, where you stick a coin in the dispenser and what you win is random. But these tend to be themes where it’s just a cosmetic change and the recently acquired character doesn’t have any extra stats associated with it. Basically what I’m trying to say is I want to be able to choose and buy a new ship based on it’s stats.

Ok lets move on.

I’m finding Save The Planet very hard, it took me ages to get into the double numbers (13), but of course saving the planet is going to be hard. Plus I like the undercurrent of the inevitability that we can’t stop all the meteorites hitting earth and that our impending doom is on the cards. Will it be global warming, nuclear war or in fact debris from an unhappy planet? Whatever it will be, my advice is to get playing as many games as possible.

Save The Planet is FREE so why not try it out and see if you can top me in the leaderboard?

Save The Planet
Price: Free+