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Coffee meme people

Good Morning! And welcome to another edition of Coffee & Swiping!

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. It was yet another cray-cray week in the industry. Granted, I had a cluster of a weekend. What was that? You want to hear about it? Oh, sure. I’ll rant to you guys about it. Alright. Here it goes. So, for some reason my iPhone 6 was running really slow Saturday morning. Like, there was a good one second delay on everything I did. So I figured I would do a soft reset by hitting the home/sleep buttons. Only problem was that my phone got stuck on the Apple logo and never booted back up, so I had to connect it to my computer do a factory reset.

So I go to do the reset and low and behold, I can’t do it because my hard drive was completely full and didn’t have enough space to download iOS 9 to install on the phone. So I look and I have almost 9,000 iOS games (give or take a couple hundred apps) that pretty much filled up my computer. So I had to go in and delete a bunch of stuff so I could make enough room to download the iOS. I finally get that all done and my phone is reset and now I have to download from iCloud everything I originally had on my phone. That ended up taking until 1am Sunday morning due to me having so many games on my iPhone.

Sunday morning I get up and now my Apple Watch is acting wonky. It was recognizing my phone, but my phone wasn’t recognizing it. (Kind of like high school all over again.) So I ended up having to factory reset my watch to get it to finally pair with my phone. So, anyway. That was most of my weekend. It looks like really need to do some app organization one of these days.

Ok. Story time is over!

Let’s get right into things shall we? If you haven’t already, pour yourself a big cup of coffee or fancy espresso mocha latte whatever, sit back and relax while we talk about Noen’s soft, supple backside. I mean, that’s why we’re all here right?


Anyway, let’s start off with what’s going on at Snappzilla Towers. As you can see above, we have a new Coffee & Swiping feature image! This really cool artwork is from indie artist, @lrtvri. He will be doing some new sketches for us for the next few weeks so keep an eye out and make sure to check out his work on his Twitter and Instagram pages. He’s a really talented artist and great all around guy, so we welcome him to the Snappzilla Family.


We also have a new #SNAPPlogo to celebrate the release of Hyper Blaster on the App Store on 8/18. The logo was created by indie developer, Adam Smart. Hyper Blaster is a really cool looking voxel art high score shooter. (I hope I described that right!) Keep an eye out for Adam’s game this Thursday.

Make sure to check out @DeadJam’s Indieview with indie artist, Adam Foreman that went out last week. Also, I did a special “Olympic Edition” SNAPP Roundup last week. I spent a good couple days going through a lot of junk to pick out some of the better Olympic themed games on the App Store, so you BETTER check it out! I also added a new one to the Endless Review. Oh, and we’ve been gradually adding gameplay videos to the SNAPPZILLA YouTube Channel, so hopefully we should have a pretty decent library in the near future, so make sure to subscribe. I said make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!

That’s about it for us for last week, so let’s get to the rest of the mobile gaming world.


As you could tell by last week’s SNAPP Roundup, we had a pretty big week for new releases. I’m still trying to to make my way through all of them. Especially with my weekend drama that occurred. There seemed to be a little something for everybody. Not to mention we had a bunch of really good content updates. I know that I’ve been rambling pretty long already, so I’ll try and keep things short.

Looty dungeon app logo

One of the cooler updates that came out last week was from indie developer, Taco Illuminati for Looty Dungeon. If you haven’t heard of it, Looty Dungeon is like Crossy Road meets dungeon crawling. In this update we got a ton of new characters themed tooward other indie games. Like characters from Chrome Death, Canabalt, Angry Henry, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, and even from Crossy Road itself to name a few. It’s really cool seeing all these cool indie developers getting along.

We also got a great update for Pako by TreeMen Games. This update titled, the “Pakocalypse” update gives us a new level called, “Aftermath” along with 3 new apocalypse themed vehicles. Plus, you can now add an apocalypse theme to all the old levels in the game with tanks, zombies, and flaming meteors all up in your business. I’ve always loved Pako, so I welcome every update with open and loving arms.

Journey Below app logo

With all the new games, I’ll just do a quick fire session and give some “nods” here for times sake. Last week we got a new roguelike from Ravenous Games called Journey Below that is really good. Reigns by Devolver Digital is simply amazing. I can’t stop playing it. I was really surprised at how much I am liking Burnout City by Daeri Soft. I expected it to just be another crappy Pako clone, but it’s far from it. So far Eisenhorn by Pixel Hero Games has been outstanding. It amazes me that this was created by just a small 10 man indie team. Infinity Duals by Magic Cube is a really unique mashup of Infinity Blade with Timberman style gameplay. I did a SNAPP Review of it last week if your interested. To The Throne by RareDrop Games released early in the week and so far I’ve been really liking it’s puzzles and unique art style. I just started playing Masquerade: The Faceless by Gamevil last night and it’s a really cool RPG brawler if you can get past all the F2P schenanigans. That’s just to name a few. Make sure to check out last week’s SNAPP Roundup for the whole shebang.

Let’s go over a few other nuggets of news before I get out of here. How’s that sound?

Legend of the Skyfish image

Crescent Moon’s new game Legend of the Skyfish releases on the App Store this week. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been playing this one for awhile and have really been enjoying it so keep an eye out Wednesday/Thursday-ish.

Another one releasing this week is Deus Ex GO by Square Enix. My guess is if you liked Hitman and Lara Croft GO like I did, you’ll most likely be picking this one up also.

Yet another one releasing this week will be Dungeon Warfare by the two-man team, Valsar. I’m pretty sure this was a hit on Steam last year. I’m not a huge PC gamer, I mainly stick to mobile and consoles, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one.

Developer, Suminell Studios announced last week that they are entering the final stages of development for the highly anticipated shmup, Z-Exemplar. This game was announced last year and after a few updates of news, it kind of disappeared. I honestly thought the game was scrapped for awhile, so I’m excited to hear that Suminell Studios is “shooting” for the end of the year for it to release. (Get it?)


PokemonGO is still popular.

Developer, Force of Habit announced their next game titled, “makenines”. Not much out there on this game except a few Vine’s from FoH, but it looks to be a number-y, tile-y kind of game. Yup. You got the scoop here first people! Force of Habit’s last game was Toast Time and I really loved that one. I’m not a huge fan of tile sliding games, but I look forward to anything from these guys after playing Toast Time. Anyway, makenines is set to release September 9th.

That's all folks

Alright. That’s about it for me. My coffee is starting to get cold and I really don’t feel like making any more. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty decent week so far with just the games I’ve mentioned. I’m pretty sure there’s a few others that will be popping up too. I know BLUK from Pixel Ape should be releasing this week. It was supposed to release last week, but got pushed back for some reason. I also see Escape the Fate on my calendar as releasing today, so I’ll look into that one. I know it’s not out as of this writing.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a great start of their week……and remember to keep on swiping.