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Have you got what it takes to be a Tap Hero?

If you haven’t already come across the latest, high-score chasing, one-handed, single tapping, casual, arcade game to hit iOS then you’re obviously not checking the Featured list on your device.

Let me introduce you to Tap Hero.  I think you will like it.

I’m sure most people reading this have hit the watch button above, apologies for the lack of sound – what an idiot, I’ll fix that up soon.

What you will have seen is fluid pixel animation by the developer (yes he did the code and art) which looks extremely cool and takes this simple casual game to the next level. Wait until you see the power move which coincides with a lightning strike!

Now it’s time to get to the game play. You play as a hero in Pixel Kingdom, I like to think of him as the last line of defense before the invading army reaches the King. With your trusty sword you tap the screen to attack the attackers from either the left or right sides. Each tap changes your direction, so you must time your assault otherwise you might end up with a spear in your the back.

The different enemy types have their own unique weapons and movement speeds so it’s just not a straightforward, tap, tap, tap. Sometimes you need to wait before tapping and tap extremely fast for the quick assaults.

I’m not doing too well on the score front (see video), even with my armour upgraded to the shiny golden suit which gives me an extra life when things go south. I purchased this with coins earned through the game and the little gifts for returning to play.

Because Tap Hero is a free game, it’s ad supported (dev’s like to eat too) but there’s a Tier 1 IAP to fix that or if you’re feeling flash you can remove ads and get the fully upgraded armour (Tier 4). Otherwise grind away, watch some videos and have fun spraying blood everywhere.

Let us know what you think of the game and share your high scores in the comments below.

If you’re in the market for a highly addictive casual arcade game to play in quick bursts, then Tap Hero is the one for you. It does the simple things extremely well and it’s FREE!

See you on the leaderboard.

Tap Hero
Price: Free+