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Dunkers Review by @hashtagNOEN

Download on the AppStore BadgeIn this day and age, so many of us gamers are out there chasing “the next big thing”. Life-like graphics, online multiplayer with a massive amount of people, virtual reality, “next-gen”, ect. But sometimes “the next big thing” can just be a game with really fun gameplay.

That’s where Dunkers comes in. Dunkers was developed and published by the dynamic duo, Colin Lane and Folmer Kelly. Last time they teamed up, we got the mobile gem, Wrassling. Now they are back with their sophomore title.

Dunkers gameplay 1

This game may not look as pretty as some of the other games on the App Store. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some games may have, but for what it doesn’t have, it more than makes up for in hilarious fun.

Dunkers is a 1on1 physics-based basketball game at its core. The object is pretty obvious. Get the ball in your opponents basket. But, just like in Wrassling, there’s a twist. You can only move your character’s arms. When you get close to the ball, your little guy automatically grabs it and you have to tap on the left or right side of the screen to make your character’s arms move in a windmill motion left or right. The arms are what moves the character across the court. The ball will stay in your hands until you get close enough to the net to slam it in there.

Dunkers gameplay 2

With this being physics-based, there is a lot of “chance” in the game. You can play one game and get your butt kicked, and the next game your sweeping your opponent 3-0. There IS some skill involved though. Every time you tap the screen, your character jumps, so the more you play, the more you can find out different ways of getting down the court and scoring.

There is an arcade mode and a career mode in the game. Not to mention 2 player (same screen) mode. There is also a bunch of different characters to unlock by completing different objectives. You can also unlock characters by watching a short 30 second ad. The 2 player mode is a blast to play when you have a friend over. I’ve never laughed so hard.

I think the dynamic duo did it again on this one. Dunkers is another hit in my opinion. Its not trying to be serious or realistic. It’s just trying to be fun and I think it succeeded. It’s just stupid laugh out loud fun and a great time killer. Definitely check this one out next time your on the App Store.