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George: Scared of the Dark is an intriguing and beautiful platformer. It’s extremely challenging, if, like me, your platforming skills are a little rusty. In my defence it’s a genre I don’t really play (any more) especially on mobile because the controls can often be tricky and complicated – that’s why we have ‘endless runners’. But if you don’t believe me, here’s the description from the dev – “There is no easy mode. It’s do or die. You have been warned…”

george_giphy1With George the controls are fluid and responsive. Plus there’s a neat and original mechanic which positions this game somewhere between a platformer and endless runner – a jump spin backwards. Yes, you can slow down George’s auto running by performing this simple swipe left. It allows for better control and helps avoid those pesky enemies and correct a missed time jump over an edge to a platform. But that’s not all, there also a ‘swipe right’ gesture which is a spin on the double jump move which is so run of the mill these days. The swipe right will activate an aggressive leap forward to help gain an advantage and jump over enemies.

Once inside the game. you play as George the Ghost and you must navigate through 10 procedurally generated levels avoiding the aforementioned enemies and pitfalls and jumping to moving platforms. There’s a story line running alongside the action and good old cut scenes to watch. I’ve fallen in love with the visuals, they’re vibrant and really give it a distinct look. This is a real gem and definitely worth picking up if you enjoy platformers.

Being a SNAPP review, which is short, sweet and a snapshot of the game in question, I would say if you take anything away from this, it’s go buy George: Scared of the Dark. I dare you.

It’s a premium game priced at £1.49/$1.99 which offers a premium experience.