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Hello Juha aka @roboteka

Hello SNAPPZILLA – thanks for having me.

You released Mazeing onto the App Store at the end of 2015, how did the launch go?

Launch went pretty well. Apple featured my little game (not the best spot, but still) in the most markets (US & UK included) and it hit US Paid Top 100 during the first weekend. That said, market for paid games is really small nowadays, so unfortunately I had to return the Porsche I bought on the launch day. Such is life.

What inspired you to make Mazeing?

Many cool NES-like games I played last summer. I really enjoy one-button controls and Mazeing started as a movement proto I came up with one day. The game took about a month to complete, most of the time went into marketing and building the trial levels.

For those who don’t follow you on Twitter can you tell our readers a little bit about who you are?

Sure! I am a Finnish semi-hobbyist developer. Started 2012 and been making tiny games and HTML5 game templates ever since. I’m also a freelance drummer.

The music is very cool in Mazeing, was this created by you?

Not this time, the track was made by a dude called reigomusic. It is quite snazzy! Other soundwork in Mazeing was made by yours truly.

Do you have a favourite drink or food that you have on hand while making games?

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Tried beer once but enjoyed together with gamedev it emptied my pockets of every Septim… wait, I mean Euros.

Can you let us know what projects you are currently working on?

Two games for iOS: Hyperpace (sic) and Doublings. Both are about 50% done. Hyperpace is a fast shooter inspired by Japanese retro cartoons and Doublings is a pretty unique level-based puzzler. Hope to release both sometime this year.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you!

Have you played Mazeing? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁