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Mars Mountain
By: Bulkypix/Tastypill
Released: April 13, 2016
Size: 18.1 MB

Mars Mountain is another one of those fast paced, high score chasers that are really popular right now. This one changes things up a little by trading in the simplistic art style that we usually see in these kind of games, with a more detailed looking pixel art. I actually really like this look.

There’s not really a story in Mars Mountain, but in the beginning of each game, it shows your character crashing his ship into a mountain that I’m guessing is in Mars. If you’ve ever played the old game, Qbert before, then this mountain will look awfully familiar. Tho object is to tap left or right down the mountain and get as far as you can before your inevitable death. There are all kinds of traps and different things shooting at you on your way down. It seriously gets pretty crazy. There are also coins scattered down the mountain to collect for new characters. I was averaging 3 to 4 coins a run, so it takes a little while to get to 100 which is is what each new character costs.

Now, if your into these type of games, you can’t go wrong with Mars Mountain. It’s fast, frantic, and it looks pretty. As for me, I just wasn’t into it that much. I liked the whole Qbert vibe it had, but that wore off after a few minutes. After that, it just seemed pretty repetitive.


Mars Mountain by Bulkypix

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