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By: Laser Dog Games
Size: 79.3 MB

Ok, I just have to say that PKTBALL is a blasty blast! It’s one of those few games that are fun no matter if your winning or losing. The game plays like a game of tennis where your hitting a ball back and forth, but that’s pretty much where the comparison ends.

The objective is to get your opponent to miss the ball by any means necessary. There are all sorts of crazy power-ups to help you do this too. Everything from shooting a fast ball back with a ball gun, to changing the ball into a banana or even a fish! The one thing that I really like is the artwork. It just oozes charm. There are 20 different characters to collect each with their own playing field and soundtrack.

PKTBALL also supports online and same device multiplayer with up to four people. Definitely check this one out and tell us what you think in the comments below.


PKTBALL – Endless Arcade Smash Sport by Laser Dog

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