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My Home Dungeon
By: KwangHyun Yang

My Home Dungeon may have a really odd storyline (You figure out after years of living in your home, that there are floors and floors of dungeons under the basement), but it’s actually a pretty fun game at its core. I actually got a kick out of the story, so the “weirdness” didn’t bother me.

The game itself is an arena based side scroller hack & slash game with a pinch of shooter. I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s definitely worth checking out. There are tons of levels, tons of weapons, and tons of upgrades. All wrapped up in a nice little pixely package.

It may get a little grindy at times and the levels don’t really change up a whole lot, but with everything else the game has going for it, I’d have to say My Home Dungeon is definitely worth a try.


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